Npm package with core remotestorage-server logic


i’m planning to add unit tests to and then publish it as an npm module.

it is not a ready-to-use remoteStorage server, but can be used for the core functionality; you need to add two key-value stores in the back, and add OAuth dialogs, webfinger, and a portal to make it into a complete remoteStorage server.

i’ll post on this thread when it’s on npm and ready to be used. for now, if you plan to write a remoteStorage server in nodejs, you could use as a basis if you want.


We do have a ready-to-use remoteStorage server in node, which is just not updated on NPM. I’m convinced it makes more sense to take over that project instead of reinventing the wheel. It has tests, supports multiple backends, supports creating users via HTTP, and so on.


Maybe it would be nice to invite @jcoglan to this discussion and therefore continue what @jan started more than a year ago.

I fully support the umbrella arguments.


to take over that project

that would only make sense if @jcoglan wants someone to take it over. i’ll ask on the gh issue @almereyda mentioned.

convinced it makes more sense

are you worried about duplication of effort? the core logic i’m packaging only overlaps with which is just 160 lines. it’s basically the same code published twice. the thing to do would be make the reStore package depend on the remotestorage-server package, that way we only have to update it in one place each time we update the spec, and maintaining reStore would then also be less work.


ok, done:

will announce it on as well.


Cool, quick npm install remotestorage-server installation path ahead.
Still I thought npm modules have fancy, short names that would be like remotestore-engine? :wink:

To be frank @michielbdejong, your short question didn’t sound too inviting (written english capitalization, missing we form) or explanatory (i.e. by not giving a context/link to this discussion here) to provoke a meaningful answer. Also is the question a little OT to the issue’s original question. For having reStore as an dependent npm module, we could at least announce the current outcome there as a new issue, as the package got mentionned several times here.

Yes, I know, one should never write a paragraph that consists only of one sentence.


i plan to write a pull request making reStore rely on remotestorage-server, so then all James has to do would be to accept that. from then on, reStore would automatically be updated to the new spec, as soon as we update the remotestorage-server package each 6 months


Ah, something for the docs. Thanks!


Just a ping on this topic, to remind people it’s actually easy to develop a custom remoteStorage server using this npm package. We used it to develop for instance, and it took us less than a day. Now, all Cozy users can haz remoteStorage, just by activating the app from inside their Cozy control panel! :slight_smile: