Open-source app candidates for adding remoteStorage

Let’s collect a list of open-source apps, where we could/should add remoteStorage!

I’ll start with one that was just mentioned in a private email:

Basically everything in the list of older apps we need to get working again as well as existing apps to unhost / add remoteStorage to.

(It’s partly outdated, Strut for example already has remoteStorage in. But mostly still accurate. Compiling a list does little, it worked better to directly file an issue in their tracker asking about it.)

That list is completely outdated. Also, it’s hidden in the wiki and visible nowhere. This thread is intended to be an updated, much more visible version of it. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. If you want to add apps, add the apps, not a link to an outdated list somewhere. Thanks!

Looks like a nice code editor that runs in the browser.
@michielbdejong maybe that’s also helpful for a Xtreme dogfooder?

At the Open Social meetup in Berlin in August I met a guy who made the DTG task management app, it’s pretty cool. I was talking with him about it and he said it uses some python on the server for rendering the templates, but if we handle this in a module I think it could be pretty easy to abstract away that part.

Could also give some inspiration for our own crypto feature.

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Not open-source, but GDrive, Dropbox, device and browser as storage targets and pretty awesome: is an open-source clone of IFTTT. is a slick note-taking app for Android.

Hey folks, I’m looking to integrating remoteStorage into my app.

More info:
Live version:

But I’m waiting until v1 is released, is there any timeline for a release? I just saw the alpha version is already out, can I start using that with or another storage repo?

Feedback/ideas are welcome, thanks :smile:

Welcome to the community!

You can already use the alpha in your app, but there are of course still a few bugs (however, mostly with the new, seperate connect widget).

Also, the docs aren’t finished yet. We’re in the process of switching everything from in-repo markdown files and NaturalDoc code documentation to Sphinx/ReadTheDocs and JSDoc, rendered into a single, concise documentation website. This should actually be finished by the end of this week. (I literally have a pull-request form for most of it combined open in another tab right now.)

We’re also aiming to release rs.js 1.0 beta by the end of the week. See this milestone:

So, I’d say maybe wait until next week, and even if 1.0 isn’t out yet, we should have proper docs for you, both for getting started as well as covering every detail of the public APIs.

Provider-wise, you can use the old and new rs.js with pretty much any remoteStorage server. Bonus feature in 1.0 is that you can also (optionally) offer your users to connect their Dropbox or Google Drive instead.

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Awesome, thanks for the detailed answer and your work!

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