OuiShare Fest and Labs Camp



I will lead a discussion on networks and web decentralization Monday 5th May at the OuiShare Fest (Paris) and thought that would be great to have an active contributor of RemoteStorage to present RS and more largely the Unhosted paradigma. The audience will mainly be startup people - probably more on the marketing side than the tech one - so the challenge will be to not to heavy on technical details while making tangibles what is at stake. Would one of you be interested?
We can’t cover costs but the ticket for the whole 3 days would be offered.

Before the Fest, 1-4 May, we have a OuiShare Labs Camp, free and open to anyone interested on hacking on open source solutions for the collaborative economy: I would really enjoy to take this opportunity to work on a ShareStuff-like remotestorage app and you’re very welcome to take part!




I will be on both events, regarding If the maintainers @raucao, @galfert & @michielbdejong agree, I might present and/or prepare a small presentation with them.


i will probably not be able to make it to OuiFest since i want to be in Berlin for 1. Mai, (6-8 May) and linuxtagen (8-10 May)


Thank you for your answers. Sorry @almereyda , we went with other projects whom project leaders were available. Looking forward to meet you at the labs camp!


I don’t understand that one. Weren’t I available; for what?


No, but I understood that you aren’t in RemoteStorage core developers to whom was particularly addressed the invitation :s sorry if I got something wrong or if my wording was confusing, I should also have answered earlier. really sorry.