Personal profile

I vaguely remember we discussed a personal profile module once. Is that still what we want to do, or do we mark one of the contacts in the contacts module as owner?

I’m asking, because we’d like to have a page for setting up the personal profile for 5apps storage, so that apps can then use that information from the start.

I vaguely remember the plan to have /contacts/me and /public/contacts/me

Sounds good. So basically the personal profile is a special part of the contacts module.

I remember we wanted to have a »profile« module. Seems a bit weird to put your personal profile together with all contacts.

A profile is something way more personal, and can contain stuff which is prefilled with apps, like profile images, biography, interests, etc. Also, there will probably be a bunch of apps wanting access to the profile, and they shouldn’t ask for »Contacts« or anything related, since it’s different from just your personal profile.

I thought about the same issue. Probably also makes sense to have it in its own module.

I also think about having an option to keep profiles for specific social networks in my storage. For example: /public/profiles/ /public/profiles/

On a profile manager app, i would see use for some kind of cascading of profiles and updating multiple profiles by changing value once, eg. my current city

Besides that we have spoken in last days shortly with @michielbdejong about providing way to edit webfinger, which also could include some profile information?..

Even with that being the case, there should be a module or functions in an existing module to manage one’s profile information. Both so that it’s accessible the same way as the other data, and that it can be migrated when moving the whole storage.