Public RS Planning/Community Call (April 21, 6pm CEST / 9am PDT)

@michielbdejong and I would like to invite whoever is interested to a public video call next week.

The goal is to plan a (very rough) roadmap for the steps involved in getting the specification on RFC track (related thread), as well as having the reference client (remoteStorage.js), as well as two server implementations, support all required behavior specified by the final draft.

A few people have already expressed interest in joining this effort, and some things are being worked on as I write this. But any and all help will be useful for moving this grassroots community project to becoming an Internet Standard, making it usable by masses of users and developers. All of spec work, programming, testing, UI/Web/graphic design, documentation, publishing, and others, are valuable fields of contribution in this process.

Let’s kick things off officially with this public call. Here’s a little poll for some dates, so we can find a good slot for everyone to join. Please choose one or more of these:

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(If someone wants to propose other options, please comment here.)

Looking forward to seeing you all in the call!

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Shall we pick Tuesday 6pm CEST (9am PDT)? Which tool/channel?

Sure, it got the most votes now anyway. Just closed the poll.

Let’s try Jitsi Meet:

(Hint: Unfortunately, it kind of requires Chrome/Chromium. Please don’t even try joining with Firefox, because it likely won’t work properly. Sad, but true.)