remoteStorage - 5apps - sockethub as a "golden triangle"

would it make sense for 5apps to run a sockethub instance? then it would become very easy to write an unhosted web app with storage and messaging, to publish it, and to use it, all within the same eco system.

the current situation is that even though 5apps and remoteStorage work together very well, adding sockethub is not possible without extra work of renting a server somewhere.

running a vanilla sockethub instance at would make this all a lot smoother and make it all look more like a coherent platform, while of course still leaving people the choice to run sockethub+reStore on their own (physical or virtual) server.

just a thought! :slight_smile:

Yes, we are in talks with @silverbucket about this and we’re planning to do it soon. Basically, we want all our RS accounts to come with pre-configured Sockethub support.