remoteStorage Hack Day, Sep 13, Berlin (JSFest edition)

We’re participating in JSFest Berlin with a very special remoteStorage Hack Day.

Come join us at the 5apps Rebel Base a.k.a. the “ganzoben” office (Moritzplatz, Kreuzberg) for a day of learning about and hacking on integrating remoteStorage in your client-side JavaScript apps!

5apps is sponsoring lunch snacks, drinks and venue.

Please RSVP on Lanyrd, so we know how many people to expect:

Cool, I plan to be in Berlin around that time to meet a friend, will try to extend my stay to connect the two.

You should stay the whole week, and especially for giving a short talk about Sockethub on Tuesday:

We’re still fleshing out the details for that one, which is why there’s no forum post yet.

Yeah I think I’ll come up the weekend of the 6-7th and stay all week. Just sorting out my travel schedule now.

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The link on still links to this thread. Should we create a lanyrd event for it?

Co-hosted in Lisbon:!topic/unhosted/onKgqn2ddvk

ah, the lanyrd page exists but the link on is still wrong. Pull request sent!

Why is the link wrong? It intentionally linked to the forums, because there’s more information here.

oops! :confused: Looked like a mistake when I saw it, sorry.

If/when we “claim” the event on Lanyrd, we can add a description text.

Our friends in Lisbon, who will do a satellite event on that same day, have put up an Etherpad. Everybody can add ideas and notes:

Updated the pad with a rough schedule for the Berlin event.

We can communicate between Berlin and Lisbon via irc!

And maybe get a video connection for the result presentations? We’ll present results 17:00-18:00 Berlin time (so 16:00-17:00 Lisbon time)

Elf set up a page where you can quickly add the stuff you’re working on: