remoteStorage.js 0.10.0-beta2 released

Hi everyone,

After exactly one week of testing and receiving feedback for 0.10.0-beta, we just released 0.10.0-beta2, which includes an important fix for broken cached directory nodes after syncing remote changes. It also includes bugfixes for the IndexedDB backend’s feature detection as well as reset function.

For users of 0.10.0-beta we recommend to upgrade to -beta2 as soon as possible.

Many thanks to everyone who tested the beta so far, as well as to the contributors for this release (@galfert, @clochix, @skddc)!

Warning: there’s a known issue with the caching strategy FLUSH (or using caching.disable() or no caching setting at all for that matter). In order to circumvent the issue, you can use the -nocache build instead of the normal one. Everything should work as expected then.

We’ll fix this in -beta3, which is scheduled for next Friday.