remoteStorage.js 0.10.0-beta3 released

Due the forums having been down, here the recent announcement from the mailinglist:

We just released remoteStorage.js 0.10.0-beta3, fixing all known blockers for a stable release, and making the library much more stable in general:

Many thanks everybody, who participated in this release (mostly michielbdejong, clochix, galfert), and special props to our new core team members Ragnis and Menachem! With their help, we’re fast on the road to having official Dropbox/GDrive support, as well as common encryption features.

If you’re using rs.js in any of your apps, please update as soon as possible, and report any issues you encounter (hopefully none at all) on GitHub!

Yesterday during the Unhos meetup, we fnally ritually tagged “the real” 0.10

We basically used the current master version, removing the ‘-beta3’ tag to make it officially remotestorage.js 0.10.

This marks a big milestone after six months of hard work!

The only changes made after the -beta3 tag were:

  • @menachem 's widget-cipher work was merged (congrats!!)
  • the AMD build was fixed
  • the placeholder string for the widget’s user address field was corrected from “user@host” to the more informative ""
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