remoteStorage.js 0.11.0 released

We’ve just released remoteStorage.js v0.11.0:

This release includes huge improvements in support for node.js, improved Dropbox support as a backend, and internal refactorings. Details below.



  • Do not set a timestamp in local changes (#756)
  • Replace custom promise implementation with Bluebird (#770)
  • Replace custom WebFinger lookup with webfinger.js (#256)

New features

  • Reintroduce remoteStorage.utils as RemoteStorage.utils (#761)
  • Add more remoteStorage.utils helper methods (isDocument, equal, equalObj, md5sum)
  • Complete node support (documentation)
  • Expose WebFinger link properties as (#772)

Experimental features

  • Improvements to the Dropbox backend. (#784)

Let’s also mention that this includes quite some new documentation for internal classes/modules! E.g. the Dropbox backend is now fully documented, so that whoever wants to look into how it works and maybe help finalize it for launching it as a supported feature can now do that more easily.

Thanks, @Ragnis and @michielbdejong!