remoteStorage.js 0.12.0 released

We just released remoteStorage.js 0.12.0.

This release contains a few new features, most notably built-in support for Apache Cordova environments. It also contains various bugfixes and enhancements.

Except for changed configuration keys of the experimental Dropbox and GoogleDrive backends, there are no breaking changes, and we highly recommend upgrading your apps and scripts as soon as possible.

Many thanks to @lewisl9029 for contributing Cordova support, as well as @untitaker for his first contributions to the project!


New features

  • Make it possible to directly connect a remote storage from a program by
    calling connect() with an extra token parameter
  • Add support for remoteStorage authorization from within Cordova apps, using
    the in-app-browser Cordova plugin


  • Update dependencies (notable: new output format for test suites)
  • When offline, ignore maxAge (with log) instead of failing (#868)
  • Refactor test invocation in Makefile, package.json and .travis.yml (#892)
  • Improved validation of Caching#set function arguments (#889)


  • Fix syntax errors in ES6 strict mode (#872)
  • Reset IndexedDB database when opening fails (#882)

Experimental features

  • Change configuration keys for Dropbox and Google Drive

  • Documentation updates for Dropbox and Google Drive