remoteStorage.js 0.12.1 released

Hot on the heels of 0.12.0 comes a new patch release of remoteStorage.js.

We released this so quickly, because we moved the Bower config to the main repo instead of a seperate one and re-registered the package. Thus, when you bower install remotestorage now, you’ll get the full repo.

In the same go and partly for the same reason, we re-organized the layout of the release directory, removing all obsolete releases and only keeping a head/ and stable/ directory, with stable/ always containing the latest and greatest version. Thanks a lot to @gunar for his first pull request to the project there!

The second change updates the Webfinger library with a version that can deal with draft-05 style remoteStorage responses, as well as tests compatibility in remoteStorage.js itself. Thanks a lot to @untitaker for taking care of this in both libraries!


  • Use main repo for Bower (add bower.json, re-organize release dir, #901)
  • Make sure to support draft-05 style WebFinger responses (#899)
  • Update dependencies

I’m thankful for the opportunity and hope to bring ever stronger PRs in the near future.