remoteStorage.js 0.13.0 released


It’s been quite a while since our last stable release, so I’m very glad to announce that we finally got 0.13.0 out the door and in your hands. It contains a few minor enhancements, but first and foremost a truckload of bugfixes.

Many thanks to @esroyo, @khertan, @gunar and @happybeing for their first contributions, as well as to @galfert and @untitaker for all their work on this one! Also many thanks to @Ragnis for his Dropbox contributions, @fkooman for his OAuth-related work, and @silverbucket for his webfinger/discovery fixes. You guys all rock!

We recommend all apps to be upgraded to this release as soon as possible.



  • Support Safari private browsing mode (#921)
  • Remove Bluebird dependency from AMD build (#917)


  • Don’t send empty state parameter in authorize URI (#908)
  • Fix authorization error when using remoteStorage in Cordova (#919)
  • Fix disconnect / initialization issues (#930)
  • Start sync automatically after calling configure (#885, #820)
  • Fix IndexedDB error on disconnect (#874)
  • Fix IndexedDB getting into inconsistent state (#882)
  • Fix getListing behaviour when called with invalid path (#932)
  • Fix unresolved promise when trying to retrieve non-existing file (#934)
  • Fix 3rd party backend initilization on first app load (#941)
  • Fix Dropbox adapter not hooking itself into sync on connect (#851)
  • Don’t send change event if neither body nor content-type changed (#764)
  • Fix connecting account when localStorage is not available
  • Fix AMD build (#945)

Breaking Changes

  • Use common base directory for all remoteStorage data in Dropbox (#796)



Impressing progress!

Maybe I give this AMD thing another try :wink: