Remotestorage stats

Are there any statistics available on the remotestorage user base?

I guess since it’s decentralized, this is a hard question.

But how about the main remotestorage providers such as 5apps, are there numbers for active applications or active users?

As you said yourself, due to RS being a protocol, and being completely decentralized, there’s absolutely no way to measure this across the Internet.

I can speak for 5apps here. We log rough usage by counting HTTP requests per account. The last 30 days look like this:

  • 42,843,295 HTTP requests overall
  • 16,712 unique accounts

Request method:

Value % Count
GET 60.61% 25,961,978
OPTIONS 37.31% 15,980,619
PUT 2.06% 882,401
DELETE 0.03% 12,293
HEAD 0.00% 359

However, I should add that a considerable amount of our accounts are created on a custom B2B subscription, where one of our clients is using them as a sync back-end for their apps without telling users that it’s using RS under the hood. This has allowed us to contribute a ton of bug fixes and improvements to remoteStorage.js as well as the spec over time. So from our point of view that’s a reasonable trade-off while the protocol is in draft stage, and not officially recommended for production usage by IETF.

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Thanks kindly for such a detailed response :+1:.