RS Forums/Discourse moved to a new host

Hi all,

You may have already seen this on fedi or Twitter: we (@gregkare and I) have moved this Discourse instance to a new server.

Until now, the server was paid for and run by 5apps (on Digital Ocean), but we have now moved it to a server that is maintained and run by the Kosmos Infrastructure Foundation.

In effect it’s still @gregkare and I who are maintaining it, since we are also the Kosmos ops team at the moment. The main change is the legal ownership of the server. However, in practice, the server belongs to the remoteStorage community as such, so any decisions made by a majority of RS contributors will be respected at all times, including the transfer to another host, if or when the community wishes that.

The source code that is used to configure Kosmos infrastructure is actually open-source as well, and you can find it on our Gitea (PR incoming for the RS Discourse VM changes).

The KIF will also be offering remoteStorage accounts sometime in the not-too-distant future. And… drumroll … 5apps will be doing an Exit to Community (in the spirit of what OpenCollective are doing) not long after that, transitioning 5apps Storage Beta users to KIF infrastructure in an opt-in but automated fashion.

This last paragraph is just to give you some context on who is hosting this Discourse now. A proper announcement of these plans will be published on the 5apps blog as soon as we have clear time frames for these things.

Hope everyone’s OK with this move! :pray: