RS Inspektor: A simple remoteStorage file browser


Hi everyone,

I’ve been dissatisfied with the outdated RS browser example, so I spent some time recently to create a new RS file browser application, based on Ember.js and the latest remoteStorage.js and widget. You can give it a go right now if you’re interested:

From the README:

Inspektor is a simple file browser for inspecting the contents of a remoteStorage account. It is intended for RS app developers and power users.

Inspektor is beta software and currently under development. You’re invited to contribute and/or give feedback:


  • [x] Connect RS accounts
  • [x] Traverse/inspect directories
  • [x] View document details
  • [x] Render images in details
  • [x] Render text content in details (e.g. JSON)
  • [ ] Render other types content (e.g. audio and video)
  • [ ] Edit text content (and save changes)
  • [ ] Delete documents
  • [ ] Delete directories
  • [ ] Copy/move documents
  • [ ] Copy/move directories (and enclosed files)
  • [ ] Loading indicator for any view change that loads remote data
  • [ ] Logo/icon


I hope very much that this is useful to other people as well!



Awesome! much improved!


I just deployed a new version with considerably improved connection handling.

You can now follow updates to Inspektor by subscribing to the GitLab releases/tags:


I played around with the idea of using the widget only for the connect dialog and re-auth screen (for expired/revoked tokens). That’s why I implemented the skipInitial config option for the widget. Interested in what you think about it:


Inspektor now has a handy tree view for JSON documents, as well as some other features like being able to hide the sidebar, and deleting all docs in a folder:


Just found this and it is amazing. I was surprised to see how well it looks and handle different kinds of data.


I’ve just noticed that newlines in files are not being rendered. Is that something that can be improved? Perhaps a single white-space: pre; CSS rule or something similar can make this 1000% better.


Could you post an example? Newlines would usually be shown as \n, because the preview is meant to show the actual source of the file, not what a system renders from it.


Fantastic tool, helps development and debugging a lot, thanks a bunch <3


If that’s the case, then it’s working properly. No need to post an example. Everything is as expected.


I just tagged version 0.9.0.


  • Render audio and video players in file preview
  • Allow editing of JSON documents in a tree view editor
  • Add button for opening public docs in a new tab
  • Improve button styles and colors
  • Update RS widget