SAFEnetwork My Favorite Drinks demo

I have a proof of concept demo running on SAFEnetwork (a decentralised internet, separate from the www).

Instructions for trying it out are on the SAFEnetwork forum - link below.

NOTE: to try this you must first follow the instructions for trying out the SAFEnetwork alpha 1 release. This includes having to set up a proxy, or for that!

Let me know here if you try it out and with what results. It is far from bug free, but successfully synchronises with SAFEnetwork storage.

Cool! I’m trying it now. First problem I ran into was and now while opening the launcher (I was a bit confused about the difference between the secret and the password, so I used the same one for both - hope that is not a security risk) I got to the point I can click Create Account, but it say ‘Network not yet conneted’ (sic). I’ll leave it running for a while, maybe it needs to discover peers?

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Thanks for trying it out!

I’m not sure about the connection issue - it should connect in a few seconds. Make sure you are running 0.8.0 and if you are please submit an issue - including console output.

PS The underscore issue has been fixed in later build but you need to be using 0.8.0 to try this out!

PPS Using same secret and password would weaken your security, but if they are hard to guess, a bit less less so. For now though, not really important :slight_smile:

Thoughts on how to improve UX around secret and password would be welcome. Logging into an autonomous network is a bit different, and needs entropy in both, and using the same for both should really not be permitted! :slight_smile:

OK, got my account working now, the network did connect correctly after I restarted safe_launcher.

Submitted a few MaidSafe forum posts in the process. :slight_smile:

Now on myfd.safenet, when I click the “blue snowflake” icon, I see

TypeError:[options.special] is undefined

in the console, and nothing happens.

When clicking the remoteStorage icon I can specify my remoteStorage account, but then run into the CSP problems mentioned earlier on this forum.

When clicking the GoogleDrive icon I do get redirected to Google correctly, but then see this error:

Invalid parameter value for redirect_uri: Non-public domains not allowed: http://myfd.safenet/

So I’m still remembering my favorite drink in my head for now! :wink: But kudos for developing this, awesome to see all this progress!

EDIT: this is with Firefox 48 on Ubuntu 14.04

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Thanks again for persevering and sorry for the problems.

The console error I have seen and thought was fixed, but others have I think hit too: see over on the (separate) developer forum. I may have lost a fix when I rebased to 0.12.2-pre which is what this uses, but you should still be able to get it going :slight_smile: if you refresh and click the snowflake a few times you might be lucky. Also helps if you cross your fingers :wink: