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Sandstorm is similar to Cozy in many regards. Would be great to have remoteStorage integrated either directly in core or as an installable server app:

I just played around with the demo and it already works quite nice. Also, should be easy to port a server app for now.

I would say sandstorm, arkos, yunohost, and turnkeylinux are lower-level because they are programming language agnostic, whereas Cozy (nodejs) and ownCloud (php) are not. It might make sense to try to create a debian package around e.g. reStore, and then use that to create minimal wrapper packages for sandstorm, docker, arkos, etc.

Yes, but that would obviously require reStore to gain app/token and user management UI.

Yunohost handles the auth for your app. And probably ArkOS too.

In ArkOS, centralized user management is a long-term goal, for which they are considering LDAP as a possible route

In Yunohost, there is indeed LDAP-based SSO, combined with hooks like post-user-create (see I didn’t know that, that’s actually supercool!

Reading this post about on sandstorm gives a good idea of how things work on sandstorm - it’s kind of novel and different. in fact, i think given they run apps inside ad-hoc containers, based on wildcard DNS (the container listens on using a sandstorm instance as your remoteStorage server would actually break their security model a bit.

How so? If you can host a public WordPress instance with your own domain easily, you can do the same with a remoteStorage server. No?

good question - i tried it and the answer turns out to be that wordpress admin panel also runs inside a grain, to which you get temporary access, but then there is also a public interface, e.g. I just used to publish

so we could run the OAuth dialog in a grain, and then the remoteStorage API should be public in the way of the wordpress public page.

so it looks like Av3HccWRndkmSqMdtK73nM is my permanent identifier, and if I visit that page again without being logged into sandstorm, it iframes a new grain (which is problably only temporary and will disappear after being idle too long). On there, is blocked. I didn’t find anything about this in though. Will post here if I find out more about the topic.

Ah, found it :slight_smile: design proposal from Kenton from last week: how to publish a http api (with cors, even!) from a sandstorm app - so it probably makes sense to wait for that to be implemented.

Sounds good!