Silex: an unhosted website builder

Just to let you know that there is an unhosted app that is crowdfunding
and need your support:

Here is the why I support them:

They don’t use remoteStorage, but they consider it.
One of the goal of the campaign is to support webdav and github as backends.

Let me know if you have any questions?

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First impression: Looks nice, although I’m a bit irritated by some of the campaign-related resources being in French (at least on my machine). I’m also unable to find any information about the chosen deployment targets you’ve listed.

But a bit regarding chosen and potential deployment targets:

  • I don’t think remoteStorage would be useful for their purposes as it’s still a draft, and the cost-benefit is therefore currently unclear. That is only my opinion and obviously disagreeable: There are a few projects that already use remoteStorage in production.
  • WebDAV may be commonly used and makes sense to implement, but the cost of implementation should not be underestimated. I’ve once written a rant about how some parts of WebDAV sucked, but the resulting HackerNews thread offers a lot of broader anti-testimonials.
  • It seems to me that FTP is a much more popular protocol to deploy static sites with. The webhosters that have it as the only deployment option are usually not the most reputable, but it’s still there.

On the crowdfunding, it is the first paragraph:

1.500 € => e-inclusion and cloud: Thanks to you, we 
will organise 5 workshops to initiate people victim of the digital 
divide to Silex. For you, we will add new services to store your data 
and to collaborate such as Github or Owncloud. 

Thanks for your comment, actually, it is almost done, I think you can test both (webdav and github) in

Spec conformity is not what I am talking about with regards to WebDAV, but rather the ongoing cost of supporting it. See

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