Storage-first auth still possible?

I vaguely remember @michielbdejong recently saying that storage-first auth should still work. Is that so, and if yes, shouldn’t we either document it asap or decide to drop it, if it’s not a recommended feature?

i think this was about the ready event getting fired multiple times, which was fixed.

the starter-kit is based on storage-first (although it also supports webfinger with me@localhost as the user address), so you can see it working there:

it’s still a recommended feature, would be great if you could add it to! it’s documented here:

Thanks for the update.

Ok, we just added support for this to our Storage dashboard.

I added some comments on IRC about the spec being a bit unspecific about the details and that it would help to provide a short example as well.

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put your irc comments into an issue