StorageStack β€” A decentralized storage abstraction middleware framework

Similar to Zero Data Wrap, this appears to be a wrapper for various storage options

We have implementations for:

  • Blockstack
  • IPFS
  • Localstorage
  • Memory

and I think Fission was added recently. The developer looks forward to remoteStorage.


Sounds great! \o/

Any chance you could copy the content here? Because I’m hitting a login wall… :wink:

via Discord

Elijah: WebNative support in StorageStack is a fact :slight_smile: storagestack/packages/webnative-provider at master Β· jorishermans/storagestack Β· GitHub
Elijah: Next feature is having a full text engine as middleware :slight_smile:
boris: woot woot! do you want to give a talk at next week’s demo day about this?
Elijah: next week I am at the hospital for a surgery … But I would like to give a talk about this somewhere in July, is that also good?
boris: Yes! I can put you down for the July Demo Day
Elijah: when is it?
boris: July 22nd
Elijah: Nice than I will already be fine :slight_smile: and I will try to get search engine middleware working than. I have already a json tf-idf implementation called texthill it is just putting all the pieces together :smile:
boris: Very cool. Also on our list to include some full text search within webnative / #webnative-db
Elijah: it is text search … it will search all fields of your json object and it will return the file
boris: yes, very great! Just saying we are doing some similar work on our long term database project – great to have it in the main WNFS data today with your package
Elijah: yes that is true
boris: hey @rosano you might want to contribute a remoteStorage-io provider to this project
Elijah: would be awesome

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The creator here of storagestack, storage stack let you create middleware to operate whenever you write, get or delete a file from a decentralized storage. I created it when I was building something on top of blockstack.

If somebody wants to help? This is the interface of a provider.

export interface Provider {
set(name: string, content: T, options?: any): Promise;
get(name: string, options?: any): Promise;
delete(name: string, options?: any): Promise;

It is a lerna project so it is easy to add another package for remoteStorage. My knowledge with remoteStorage is very limited for the moment, so help here would be great of the remoteStorage community. Thanks in advance!

Feedback around the framework is always welcome.

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