Teleconf 10 December?


Shall we do a teleconf on Wednesday 10 December, 4pm Berlin time? It’s 5 days before the spec update, so maybe a good time for a heads-up. is the latest release candidate for 04, which would become the ‘new’ spec, and should not be used yet, so clients have 6 months starting 15 December to add support for it (I think for rs.js this only means changing the IMPLIED_FAKE_TOKEN code).

03 will become the ‘live’ spec which providers should start switching to, and 02 will become the new ‘old’ spec, so every server older than 02 should be upgraded before 15 December, and then upgrade to 03 after 15 December. Upgrading straight to 03 on 15 December would also work, I guess.

Also, every app that doesn’t support 03 yet should be upgraded to the latest rs.js before 15 December.


Fine by me. It’s 11am on Barbados then. :slight_smile:


@Ragnis @galfert @silverbucket @bencharp @clochix Want to/able to join?


Count me in.


4pm on the 10th is good for me!


Wednesday 10 december, 4pm berlin time, without me, I will be at work…


Sounds interesting. How do you do Teleconfs these days?
Still hoping the best for WebRTC or just plain Google-Skype?

I just discovered that uses a central WebRTC videobridge, if you’re in for a try.


Ok, cool, why not.


OK, so tomorrow 10 December, time:

Berlin/Unhost: 4pm
UTC/Unhos: 3pm
Barbados: 11am
New York: 10am
San Francisco: 7am

Location: (requires Chrome) and #remotestorage on

Topic: and anything else remoteStorage-related



  • (Michiel) add mention of group-owned remoteStorage accounts (group@host instead of user@host) in the 04 spec
  • (Basti) propose a half-day next week for Basti+Michiel to do a remotestorage.js patch release
  • (IndieHosters) start offering remoteStorage- and sockethub-hosting before the end of the month
  • (Michiel) apply for RFC track



I thought -05 is enough, but ok. :slight_smile:


@michielbdejong and @raucao, would you mind a quick comment on the Jitsi QoS?

I’m going to use it today, too.


Nick had trouble with CPU load, so we ended up all disabling video. I also used it 3 times for one-to-one calls since you mentioned it, and there the audio stayed good, even though the video did build up a lot of lag. Also during this call, I could sometimes hear Basti talk, and see his mouth move 3 seconds later. Otherwise, it seems to be better than some Talky calls I had a few months ago. looks interesting, it makes a lot of sense that with a video bridge you have a lot less bandwidth needs. For 5 people like we had yesterday, full mesh would mean the person talking has 4 full-screen outgoing streams, whereas with a bridge the speaker only needs 1 full-screen outgoing stream. For the listeners it would not make much difference I guess, you still receive one full-screen stream plus 3 thumbnail streams, and send your own thumbnail stream.


It was ok (and Michiel detailed the experience already), but was working a bit better for our team when we used it in recent days.

Also, that one works in FF, too, and even does screensharing in new FFs.




It’s Saturday, dude. Relax.

Edit: also, I’m on IRC!


OK, I was just confused that you hadn’t followed up on it.