Templates.alhur.es: a template + data mixer/renderer

Hello everybody.

I’ve created my second remoteStorage app: https://templates.alhur.es/, it is a simple thing that takes a Markdown/HTML template and a string of YAML/JSON data and renders a template. Optionally, it can render multiple copies of the same template, changing just some bits of the data from one to the other (for example, for generating sequential or time-based documents, or document for multiple different people).

Actually, I had this app here, had been using it for a while for printing boring repetitive stuff, like receipts, and it wasn’t nice to store the template and the data on the filesystem, copy and paste on the app each time, so remoteStorage to the rescue!

I’ve actually ended up rewriting everything in Elm while implementing remoteStorage, because I wanted to do it – before it was a vanilla JS app --, but now everything is good and probably more-or-less stable.

Second point: my app uses the templates namespace and stores templates as files at templates/template/<name>.md and data at templates/data/<name>.yaml. I plan to reuse these namespaces in other simple apps in the near future. I don’t know if I’m doing it right, but maybe there is someone interested in reusing it on a similar manner. If so, I don’t know what to do, but maybe you do.

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