Terminology: "native" remoteStorage account vs. Google Drive account?

It’s not too difficult to understand that a “remoteStorage app” requires a “remoteStorage account”, but when we allow users to use Google Drive or DropBox accounts, it can get a bit muddy.

Would it make sense to refer to a “native remoteStorage account” vs. a Google Drive (or DropBox) account? Or is there a better way to convey that a user can create an account on a remoteStorage server, or use an existing Google Drive or DropBox account?

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They could also have an existing remoteStorage-compatible account, or create a new Dropbox account, so I can’t see the difference there.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the term “native” here, since that’s entirely from the developer’s perspective and also a rather technical term in general. But I also see the problem here, and agree that we can probably find some better wording to discern between what we call native accounts and others.

As a first step that doesn’t require much wording, we could create a visual divider in the connect widget. (Apps not using it have their own wording anyway). And then maybe we can find a good term that describes the proprietary silos, more so than the option(s) based on open protocols? Just an idea.

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