Test app/repo for TypeScript usage

There’s an open PR for fixing some type error messages when actually building a TS project with rs.js included.

In order to catch something like this earlier, and be sure that all definitions are included for any future PRs, it would obviously be nice if we had a TS test app/repo somewhere.

I was wondering if we should use My Favorite Drinks for this. But it doesn’t even use NPM, which I think was intentional for it to be the most simple build environment possible (i.e. none). Maybe we could just add a TS branch that builds off of the same app source file(s), but which also uses NPM for TS and rs.js instead.

Any ideas or opinions, anyone? Any takers for setting it up?

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Maybe we can use one of the example Todo apps from That way we have one more example app other than My Favorite Drinks.

I think a good candidate would be the React + Typescript version.

Since I’ve only read a few tutorials about it, but never actually worked with React before I’m interested in trying to integrate RS into it.

If anyone here has more experience with React and wants to help, that would be greatly appreciated of course.

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In order to finally be able to merge that PR, I have created this very simple repo now:

Turns out it also needed the @types npm modules, so I had to release a beta.3 after beta.2, but now everything seems to be building just fine for TypeScript app/clients.