Things to clarify in the spec for 06?


I think the 06 spec can be kept equivalent to the 05 spec, only clarifying things that are unclear in the spec, removing ambiguity, and not adding new features or changing behavior that was already uniquely defined.

So far the only change is (I just created as an improvement of that), and we were talking about making it clearer how URI_ENCODE works exactly.

What else should we change in the text to clear up ambiguities, or correct statements that contradict certain RFCs? could be resolved. Ignoring the client_id sort of contradicts the OAuth RFC

We clarified and improved a lot of things in the spec! Release candidate for the 06 spec:

If we don’t find any errata until then, I’ll publish it on Monday. tagged! :slight_smile:

IETF-level discussion should take place in this thread:

(for more detailed discussions about the text, github issues / PRs are easier).