Typescript Support

Does anyone have TypeScript type definitions for this awesome library? Thank you.

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I’m not aware of any, but personally I’ve become a bit of a TypeScript fan recently. Would you be willing to create a definitions file perhaps? The API docs should cover all of the public API sufficiently.

Thanks for your reply. I would love to create a definitions file, but my past efforts at typing JavaScript libraries have been woefully unsuccessful, even with the automated tools (which never get you 100% there). Coming from a C# background, JavaScript seems like gobbledygook to me. Creating good type defs requires an expert in both TypeScript and JavaScript.

I believe RemoteStorage is the data model of the future. I hope someone makes it available for TypeScript users.

OK. I added an issue for it to the repo:

Thank you!

@Pwebi Just in case you hadn’t seen it: we have ported the whole library to TypeScript in the meantime, and there is an open PR waiting for reviews:

The only thing missing for the type definitions release is the process for the actual committing and releasing of the definition files. Maybe you could help with this?

We have published the first remoteStorage.js 2.0.0 beta today (after a bunch of alpha versions), but no changelog or official announcement yet. It comes with complete TypeScript support, and should be stable enough for anyone’s app projects already!