Use remote storage with libre office

Libre office is an open source program alternative to Microsoft office.
Libre office support some protocols for working with remote files described here. Can we use libre office to edit documents in remoteStorage?
This combination ( libre office + remote storage ) can be very good alternative of similiar services such as google docs or oneDrive.

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At the moment that doesn’t work out of the box. But indeed it would be pretty nice if someone implemented support for that. I guess one could use the existing WebDAV service as a starting point and adapt that code. One thing that might be a little more tricky is the OAuth handling from within LibreOffice. From what I can see, all existing services only use some kind of username/password combination.

Maybe another approach could be some kind of bridge service that behaves like a WebDAV server and translates the requests to the remoteStorage protocol. That could then also be used for applications other than LibreOffice.