Welcome to the remoteStorage community forums!

Hi everybody and welcome to our new community space!

From today on, we’d like to invite everybody from users and developers to providers and spec contributors to use these forums for questions, support, discussions, announcements, and everything related to remoteStorage that you want to communicate or get help with.

We can also use the forums to easily add information to the remoteStorage website, for example guides, howtos, tutorials, screencasts, presentation recordings, etc.

One caveat though: the software we use here, an innovative open source project called Discourse, is still very much beta, so you might encounter the occasional bug here and there, and the user interface might change sometimes. That said, we think it’s already better than any discussion board software you may have used so far, and we’ll update often and (usually) without downtime.

Feel free to use this “Meta” category to discuss the forums themselves, or report problems you encounter while using them.

So, if you haven’t yet, get your account now and let us know what you think!

[Update] We still have some issues with email sending, so it might take some time until you receive an email asking you to verify your address (if you’re not using Persona that is). However, you don’t need to validate your address to use the forums at the moment.