We're hiring!

Please forward this announcement to anyone you know who might be interested in working for the remoteStorage project:

Also please reply to this post if you think something here is missing or incorrect.


  • http://remotestorage.io/ is a revolutionary project that aims to change the very architecture of the web by introducing per-user storage, to replace the model of web 2.0 websites who store the data of their users all in one centralized database (on which they then do data mining so they can get rich by selling our user data to advertisers).
  • This is the main product of the Unhosted movement, a grassroots initiative that is now 3 years old, see https://unhosted.org/. Other products of the Unhosted movement include http://tosdr.org/ and http://sockethub.org/
  • You will be working on remotestorage.js, the client-side library.
  • We work remotely and more or less unscheduled, so you have a lot of freedom of how many hours you work in a given week.
  • An approximate roadmap is being discussed here: Roadmap, three phases.


  • Experience with writing JavaScript code.
  • An understanding of how closures and promises work.
  • The ability to work autonomously, without supervision.

Our process

  • You pick an issue to work on from https://github.com/remotestorage/remotestorage.js/issues.
  • You try to write a unit tests that tests the issue described (not always possible, but we try to do this when it is).
  • You write the code that implements the feature or behavior required in the issue.
  • If it works, you commit it to the repo in the form of a pull request.
  • We all peer-review each other’s pull requests, and whenever two other people +1 someone’s pull request, it is merged into master, to be included in the next release of remotestorage.js.
  • Whenever you completed 10 hours of work, let me know and we’ll assign 100 euros from the donations fund to you (10 euros/per hour).
  • Try to hang out regularly in the #remotestorage irc channel on freenode, for easy communication.


Just email michiel@unhosted.org and add your GitHub handle or other URL where we can see some of your JavaScript code. We give priority to applicants who have already contributed to the remotestorage.js project or the Unhosted movement in general in some way, but it’s not a requirement.

Sponsorship by NLnet and WHS

The remotestorage.js project is non-profit, and your contribution to it will be funded by voluntary donations from NLnet and the Wau Holland Stiftung. This means that although the project itself is a zero-sum venture, for you this 10 euro/hour compensation would count as “income from other sources” on the tax return form in your country of residence (if you have one).