What is the easiest way to self-host at the moment?

Are the php/rust docker image too far from the current spec? Is armadietto unsafe for production?

Both the PHP and Rust implementations are compatible with the current spec.

As for Armadietto’s production readiness, maybe @DougReeder could share his opinion. Personally, I would miss the ability to revoke app permissions, since there is currently no app list/dashboard built into Armadietto (but there is a pull request for it).

Armadietto also lacks administrator tools, to disable accounts, etc. Nor does it stream uploads and downloads, which is desirable for handling very large files like videos.

If that’s acceptable, armadietto is reliable, and has been used in production on a small scale for years.

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Just FYI, in case someone is interested in hosting RS for a group of users — with admin tools, invitations, account confirmation, new auth notifications, etc. — we’re currently integrating remoteStorage into our open-source account management app over at Kosmos. It is effectively the missing part to Liquor Cabinet, which is 5apps’ open-source remoteStorage API implementation.

That solution is meant specifically for organizations and larger groups to host all kinds of (mostly federated) services for their users under a single account (XMPP, Mastodon, Gitea, Discourse, remoteStorage, etc…).

I will post to the forums here as soon as it’s ready for someone else to test self-hosting, of course!