Who use my app


I would like to modify my model structure, but it will lead to breaking change ( change path teams/team/xxx to teams/xxx )
Is there any way to know where my app is used (if it is) ?

What app is that?

There’s no way to identify any of your users with RS, if they don’t also use a storage you provide yourself. So the best way to go would be to write some migration code that checks for the old format and moves data to the new one when it encounters it.

This is an interesting topic, that not many people here have touched yet. Would be great to share this with the community.


allright, i’ll do it. i need to think about a versioning system ;-). thx

humm, any advice for an efficient way to do it ?
How about using remoteStorage.scope('my_ path").getListing('') to know if “my_ path” contains anything ?

Yes, checking for the old objects would be the first step. Then recreating them in the new location, and deleting them from the old when done.


Leave v1 as it is, don’t change it. Let people keep using it.
Publish v2 with or without steps for migrating data from v1 – but keep v1 data as it is, as people may try v2 and don’t like and go back to v1.