Armadietto on yunohost + front update proposal

After a first try that didn’t really succeed, here is a first package of armadietto for yunohost: the paint is still fresh (the status will be updated automatically on friday by the CI), there is still some work to improve the integration with yunohost, but it’s operational… Testing by bencharp · Pull Request #5 · YunoHost-Apps/armadietto_ynh · GitHub

And as front was still displaying the old remoteStorage logo, I wanted to tackle the task and once launched, I changed a little more than the logo…

Feedback, comments and other suggestions are welcome…


That’s fantastic; great job! :clap: :tada:

Not sure what YunoHost offers for integrating accounts, but I also just opened an issue for LDAP support. Might make sense to consider external accounts/auth as a more generic concept in Armadietto:

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Also great! Looks much nicer and more modern to me.

I did like the yellow color as a “brand”, and maybe the RS logo’s orange/red looks a bit aggressive to some eyes. But yellow can only be used for text (headlines/links) against a dark background, of course. (Just some random thoughts I had when I was looking at it. Not sure if helpful.)

Not sure if it can use it with the armadietto package but yunohost uses SSO/LDAP :

I’m not sure I understand what yellow colors you’re talking about :confused:

    --rs-brand-color: #ff4b03;
    --rs-txt-color: #222;

    --body-bckgrd-color: #fff; 
    --body-title-color: #ff4b03; 
    --body-txt-color: #223843ff;
    --default-link-color: var(--body-title-color);
    --default-link-color-hover: #f09138;
    --extra-color: #69a2b0;

I had also tested a version with a dark background that I left aside, very/too close to 5apps Storage
Maybe we could experiment with another color palette(s), maybe more monochromatic or softer…