Is there any server for non-expert deploy?


Is there yet any server for Remote Storage protocol yet that is good for setting up by not an expert? I try all the, but all is very complicate setup. I find demo servers, they do not save data.

I want run myself own server, not host, but not find server can setup.


Your best shot at the moment is reStore.

@peacekeeper recently created a Debian package for it, so that might be the easiest way to get going. If you don’t run Debian, something like a $5/month Digital Ocean instance is really easy to spin up with Debian pre-installed. You can find details here on the forums:

If you try that one, be sure to give feedback in that thread. You can also ask questions there, if you get stuck on the way, so we can try to help you get it working and maybe create a walkthrough/tutorial in the process.

Hope that helps a bit! If not, maybe you can elaborate a bit on what system you’d prefer to install it on and how you usually install server software.