Mid-Q1 meeting

we had a fruitful meeting on 20 November, which is now almost 3 months ago. Let’s do a follow-up in a week or so?

who can make for instance wednesday 12 feb, 4pm CET?

@ggrin @almereyda @michielbdejong (unemployed by the unproject)

@raucao @galfert @jan @silverbucket (were there last time)

@nilclass @xMartin @clochix + everybody else who’s interested in planning the future of our project is also very welcome to join in!

proposed agenda:

  • what went well in the last three months
  • what went wrong in the last three months
  • what can we do to improve things

if you are busy or unable to get near a computer with a working webcam, a working microphone, Google Hangouts installed, and a fast internet connection at the proposed date & time, then please propose a better date.

i myself can adapt to pretty much any time/date the coming weeks.


Count me in!

This time, let’s specify the communication method beforehand and have one of us set it up in advance.

There’s a ton of WebRTC video chat services out there now, so maybe we should try one of those?

Marked it in my calendar.

BTW - I don’t think ‘unemployed’ holds the intended meaning in this context… :slight_smile:

here’s something I stumbled upon today

Will be there too

cool! just tested it with @ggrin. we had good video two ways, and audio only from me to him.

also chrome://flags/#enable-usermedia-screen-capture looks nice, hadn’t seen that before! :slight_smile:

It’s settled, then.

Would it make sense to create an Etherpad already?
One could already fill in the topics, append small comments and have a quick-and-dirty protocol template.

If yes, I’d like to setup an Etherpad Lite instance somewhere reliable (, or play with

If you know about any collaborative text editor services (with or without MarkDown), like also, that I don’t need to install, please let me know.

I.e., I’ve just stumbled across, which seems to be a good combination of both : videochat and collaborative text editing …

ok, so we have @ggrin, @almereyda, me, @raucao, and @silverbucket confirmed for wednesday, 4pm CET.

we’ll use the irc channel to bootstrap into whatever other channel we end up using.

@ggrin don’t forget to be at an internet cafe or other place which has working microphones! :slight_smile:

Ok, great. I’m sure @galfert and @gregkare will join as well.

Yes, I’ll be there as well.

@jan, what about you? would be cool if you can make it!

put this on and sent you all an invite (you can only access it through the invite, i think)

Can we please not use something behind random account walls? Why not a public Etherpad, or if anything, maybe at least, because it’s a noBackend app.

Edit: Created one at

ok, moved and updated the irc topic

Sometimes I’d like to have your dos and don’ts (in online collaboration) written on a long list, because they seem to be appropriate for most of the cases.