Monthly hangout topic: Servers

Hi all,

Would anyone be interested in making RS servers the broad topic of the next monthly hangout (or one of the next ones)?

Would be great if we could get a few server contributors together, as well as people interested in running, creating, or newly contributing to server programs.

What do you think?


I’m certainly interested in the future of Armadietto and the ecosystem in general.

One of the questions in my head, what would it take to take it out of the “experimental” phase (the warning in the README). I suspect it’s already successfully used in many production workflows – no data.

@Xangelo was considering doing some work on Armadietto, and submitted 2 pull requests this year.

I’m 100% on board with working on Armadietto or working on a new server implementation.


I think the only big feature that’s missing from being used as a personal server is logging. If we can get that in (I have an open PR on it that I need to get back to this year) we should be able to start testing this more seriously. I’m sure there are additional bugs/race conditions that might need to be sorted out (I haven’t looked in too much detail how we do file locking for updates, for example).

After that I think perhaps some kind of simplified plugin system will allow users to customize their installation as necessary. I’m imagining things like:

  • user management (signup/ban/account limits)
  • integration with a file viewer so users can browse/manage their entire storage
  • ability to theme the management interface

Pardon the ignorance, when and where is the next monthly hang out? Is it open to the public?

Not announced/planned yet, but should be sometime within the month of January.


Let’s do it!

If anyone wants to change the date/time of this one, please let me know asap, so we can try to accommodate you!

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