Moving website and wiki content to Discourse

See also Community call: Redesigning the remoteStorage homepage + other stuff

The idea is to use special (wiki-editable) topics in Discourse that can be rendered as static pages via a plugin. @rosano has already tested the basic setup for that (see test page).

This will make it easier and faster to edit the website content, and also free us from maintaining a separate static page with its own build process, as well as a whole MediaWiki (with spam problems etc.).

For production use, we can then also set up a simple Nginx vhost to serve those pages on the main domain, as well as redirect wiki pages to new URLs.

Related GitHub issues

I think regarding the Apps page, it might be a good idea to use the App Announcements category as a base, and render topics there in a certain way on a special category index.

There are various plugins that work like this, but I’m not sure if there’s one that would already fit our use case without having to adapt any code. But even without a nicely rendered special index, I think it would already work at least as good as the messy wiki table anyway.