[Website Redesign] Infographics/illustrations



The main priority at the moment is an infographic on the frontpage, explaining the concept of remoteStorage visually. The corresponding GitHub issue has some notes on it:

I’m also currently working on a new version of the website. It’s using Jekyll now, and the branch I’m pushing to is responsive_revamp. If you want to join me with that (probably makes sense to integrate the graphic directly on the new site instead of the old, it’d be great if you could join the IRC channel sometime. But you can also just check out the site and go crazy with it. I’m mostly focussed on content and information architecture at the moment, and will not make big style changes until most of the content is done.

How non-programmers can contribute

Nice !

I’ve take a look at the github issue and I’ll start to work on the frontpage infographic.
I didn’t use Jekyll yet but I’m going to.

Is there an easy way with Jekyll to manage content translations ?
This could be a cool option…

I try to join the IRC channel as soon as I can.



Good question. None that I know of. Maybe worth looking into when we’re satisfied with the general site.


I find this :

But you’re right, we’ll look at it once we are satisfied with the general site.


Hi @bencharp,

il y a déjà qq resultats de tes essais avec l’infographie qui tu pourra partager?

Just following up.


Hi @almereyda,

Since my last post, I had to start looking for a new job, I have therefore not found as much time as I wished for working there seriously.
I hope to have something before the end of the month…


I suppose, as with most of the Open Source projects, there might be commitment, but it’s totally free and no one can be forcing you. So please be without guilt. (…)


Hi all,

Thanks @almereyda for your attention.

I should soon have something to share!

but before that, I just have a little question :
Is there someone know which font is used for the remoteStorage logo ?

Thanks for you reply


@jan can answer that question. He designed the logo.


Hah, nice. Just had ostrich meatballs and they were delicious. :slight_smile:


I propose to use Discourse’s topic split function to extract according postings of this thread into a new one called Infographic, as the conversation started to diverge.

@raucao @jan @bencharp

If there’d be any need or the sources of the graphic publicly available with a permissive licence, another friend of mine could help designing the infographic.


Done. Thanks for the suggestion.


I put my first infographic on github

Sorry my file isn’t very clean…



Somehow I can’t see anything when opening it, though.


@raucao I am a fan of the ostrich meatballs too :slight_smile:


I update the file :wink:

sorry for inconvenience


Not sure what the problem is, but I still get a blank page in the browser and an “unknown error” in InDesign.


It’s very strange.
I’ve no problem to open the local file with Inskape or Illustrator.
The problem only appears with the github file.
If I download it directly, I’ve an error in the code.
but if I download the zip of the entire project, the file have no problem…

Is someone have already meet this problem ?

While waiting to understand the problem, I added a png and a zip of the svg file…


I still work on the home integration on jekyll
If you have some returns, they are welcome…

Starter Kit : Screencast