Website relaunch concept/content brainstorming/collecting


Although we agreed to set up an Etherpad for this during the last call, thinking about it more I’m certain this would’ve been a bad idea. For brainstorming and collection stuff like this, outlines make much more sense, and visual outlines like mindmaps are much easier for our human brains to cope with.

So I found a collaborative mindmap software, that is both open-source as well as available for free as a hosted service. After checking it’s good enough for what we need, I added initial content. Please keep in mind that this is not necessarily exactly the structure of pages and links! The mindmap is meant to collect all information we want to communicate in a structured way. Here’s a public non-editable view of it:

For the actual content and wording, I already added some links to new, separate etherpads. We can now add more pads whenever we need them, but keep them focussed on just that part of the content.

For both the map and the pads, please try not to delete existing things, but always add to them, so we can then select and prioritize from all of the contributed input. It is also possible to add comments to points. Check out the features of the software a bit, and you’ll find more useful things that we can use, like e.g. icons (e.g. progress, importance, etc).

I’m inviting the email addresses I have of the core team now. Please let me know your email on IRC, if you didn’t receive an invitation, but would like to help collect content and structure for the new website. Thanks!


@silverbucket @Ragnis @galfert have you all added your input yet?

I also pinged @jan, Francois and @xMartin via irc/email.

What I added so far:

  • move starter-kit into getting-started, make it the first guide there
  • some changes to the “benefits” points
  • link to all three versions of the spec (“new”, “live”, and “old”)
  • my fixes to the guppy client (which you can see by diffing the ‘rerelaunch’ branch against the ‘relaunch’ branch)


Could you please respect that all of us are busy with both day jobs and other projects?! There is no time pressure or deadline for this. Thanks!

Everybody, please don’t feel pressured and look at this whenever you have time! Better late than never.

Also, if someone really wants to make quick progress with this topic, find a good web designer! That’s the most important role that is currently not filled here. Would be awesome if everyone could keep that mind and catch opportunities if/when they pop up.


@raucao I wasn’t pinging you this time, just trying to get feedback from other people.

I think everybody can decide for themselves how to balance remoteStorage with their day jobs.

But thanks for reminding us, I guess. :slight_smile:

What if we don’t find one? Do you propose a plan B?


We talked about this during the last call. I can do it (like I did the existing site and revamp branch), but it’ll take longer (because I have other RS things higher on my todo list) and be slightly worse than when a dedicated designer does it. That’s why I said if you want to speed up the process considerably, find a good web designer who can do it earlier and better.


OK, I guess it’s not so urgent anymore now that we cancelled the Rethink our product presentation as a multi-backend tool plan and are at least linking to the technical docs on github from

I still think “integrate” is the wrong name for that page. :wink: But it does the job, and we can live with it.


I don’t know if I’m “good” but I’m a web designer (for those who want to make themselves an idea, I can send us the url of the last project that I work on…).
I start to follow the unhosted project since the 2011 cross founding appeal, and I’m realy intersted.
Few times ago, I’ve tried to participate actively and proposed an infographic…

I also know that, as everybody, I’m busy (with my day job or with the time I need to find one…) ;
I don’t know either if I can make the job as quickly as you want, but if you are interested or if you need a plan B, I would be realy happy to help you.

Best regards


Yes, thanks again! IIRC we had an active conversation about that. The graphic is currently integrated in a sleeping redesign branch, which you can see online here:

If you’d like to help with the creation of the new site, either by continuing with that branch or creating a completely new design, please come to the IRC channel, so we can talk about it! (We’ll have to do a short call, which we can also coordinate in other ways, but hanging out on IRC is the best way to stay connected to all the other contributors and have ad-hoc conversations about anything.)

Very much looking forward to getting this going again.


@bencharp Let me know if you have issues with joining the channel. I can help you with getting set up.


@raucao all is OK for the channel.

My problem is more a question to find time to connect.
My day job and my family don’t allow me to connect all the time.
Perhaps we’ll have to find some other way to communicate…
Let’s try and see ! :smile:


Being online during the time you want to work on the site is totally enough. No need to chat all day. :slight_smile:


This just came up on irc again.


@bencharp I’m in AST currently (CET -5 hours). I’m usually on IRC all day here. You can also DM or email me in order to set up a call or something.


@raucao, No problem, I just start to drawing few ideas,
I take a look to your wisemap and to, and I also cloned the rerelaunch repo branch…
I will compile my ideas and prepare a list of questions, I’ll try to send you all quickly.


It would really, really be great if we could just chat about it for 10 minutes. Not about the detailed content, but broad scope etc… There were a lot of undocumented afk conversations and ideas among the core team since that mind map was created.


Please share a summary here, so non-core knows what’s going on


Sorry, but at the moment I’ll rather spend time on making actual progress than on documenting random ideas we talked about. Anyone who wants to help with designing a professional new site is more than welcome to set up a call about it anytime!


OK, so @bencharp can you please arrange a quick voice call with @raucao about this?


Related: there is also a wiki coming up, see for more info.


My job contract finishes tomorrow, so I would have more time in the day to connect on IRC and to start to work on this project concretly.
I hope find a new job quickly, but in waiting I will try my best to make that new website a reality…
See you in march…